Jamaica Hedonism 2

In February we went to Jamaica for ten days with a fun group called the Fluffernutters. Click here if you would like to know more about the Fluffernutters. As most you probably know is an all inclusive resort in Jamaica. Ever thing is included in the price you pay up front which makes it so much more like a vacation. All your food, alcoholic drinks, entertainment, and for us scuba diving are included. The resort was clothing optional the entire time we were there. That made it difficult to take many pictures. If you do find your picture here and prefer it not to be here please E-mail us and it will be removed immediately. The pictures on this page are from the Pirate cruise. We had two boats full of naked people. We were having far more fun than anyone else!

hedo2 001.JPG hedo2 002.JPG hedo2 003.JPG hedo2 004.JPG hedo2 007.JPG
hedo2 009.JPG hedo2 011.JPG hedo2 012.JPG hedo2 013.JPG hedo2 014.JPG
hedo2 015.JPG hedo2 016.JPG hedo2 017.JPG hedo2 018.JPG hedo2 019.JPG
hedo2 020.JPG hedo2 021.JPG hedo2 022.JPG hedo2 023.JPG hedo2 024.JPG
hedo2 025.JPG hedo2 026.JPG hedo2 031.JPG hedo2 032.JPG hedo2 033.JPG

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