Georgia's Pleasure Grove

Pleasure Grove is a lifestyle friendly nudist resort located in the mountains of Northern Georgia. Friends told us about the resort last year. Honestly, we found it hard to believe that there would be a progressive swinger friendly nudist resort in Georgia of all places.

For those of you who are not familiar with nudist resorts most of them are quite conservative at least by our standards. Most of them have strict rules of behavior that forbid even the mention of the word sex let alone anything that might be considered sexual. You might be able to apply sun tan lotion to your wife's back but you could be thrown out of many nude resorts for applying sun tan lotion on her front side! The problem we have with most nude resorts is that they don't even have to warn you first. Something as simple as a wife sitting on her husbands lap in the hot tub could be considered sexual and you could be asked to leave the resort. There are many swingers who enjoy nude resorts but the threat of loosing their membership keeps them from fully enjoying themselves as they might like to.

Dr. Steve who owns Pleasure Grove in a rather bold move decided to break with traditional nudist resorts. His resort actively welcomes lifestyle couples. Talking about sex around the pool is certainly no problem. Applying sun screen to your wife's nipples won't raise an eyebrow. However, there is no overt sex allowed in the public areas of the resort. There is however, a party house open for play time anytime the mood strikes. The Charter House has theme rooms and is well set up for swinger's parties. I really think in time many nudist resort across the country will follow this trend. What's really amazing is that this is happening in Georgia!

Pleasure Grove is a clothing optional adult resort. Couples and single women are admitted; however, single men must be sponsored by a member or approved by management. The intent is not to discriminate against but to make sure the resort isn't over run with single men making others uncomfortable.

Michael and I had never been to Georgia. We knew that Atlanta was a huge cosmopolitan city. We have good friends in Atlanta and know that there are several fine swing clubs and groups in Atlanta. However, we've always thought that religious conservatives controlled the state. While I'm sure that is true, the laws in Georgia allow adults the freedom to enjoy their life, in the nude if they wish to.

We travel across the country to resorts and events in our motor home. Even though we live in Las Vegas, this part of our journey began in Tampa., Florida. We spent Memorial Day weekend at another rather famous nude resort. Then we leisurely drove north through Florida and into Georgia enjoying the scenery and historical sites in the area. We had never spent a lot of time in the south and we were impressed by all the vegetation and the small towns.

When we arrive in Cleveland, Georgia near Pleasure Grove we knew we were in a Bible belt town but we really had no idea until we spend some time talking to the locals. Cleveland is in what is known as a dry country as there are no alcohol sales. That was rather a foreign concept for us. One of the locals told us that the reason the county was dry was that years ago a woman shot a "wanton woman" in a bar who was talking to her husband. The police never charged the woman in the shooting as they felt the other woman had it coming. Soon after that the citizens closed the bars to prevent this from happening in the future.

I think the only significance to that story is we were one of the most conservative areas of the country only to find the most progressive nude resort in the country. I guess we share that dream with Dr. Steve. We love nude recreation. What we don't like are all the rules and having to put up with all the people who think it's their job to enforce the rules. If I visit a nude resort, I want to be free to express myself. I want to be free to kiss my husband or someone else for that matter without someone reporting us and having us thrown out of the resort. I have no problem with having sex in designated places only. That's just being respectful of others.

When we arrived at the resort, we were greeted by Buddy, the resort manager, who escorted us to our RV spot and helped us get parked. Then he took us on a tour of the resort. I don't know what I was expecting but the resort is huge, spread over many acres. In addition to several RV spots, there are hotel rooms and cabins located all over the resort. Some of the rooms and cabins could accommodate 2 or 3 couples. Pleasure Grove even has a small air strip for ultra light planes. There's plenty of room to expand the resort as demand for more accommodations grows. I think Pleasure Grove will become a popular destination resort. It would be a great place to spend your vacation and a lot less expensive than some of the other options.

The pool and hot tub area are beautiful. We spend many hours during our visit chatting with our new friends while soaking in the warm pool and hot tub. I really loved the view of the water fall with the dolphin statue surrounded by the lush forest of trees. The night club area with dance floor is small but adequate. We had dinner in the restaurant and were amazed at the high quality of food and great service.

The final stop on our tour was the Charter House. To make Pleasure Grove comfortable for all of their guests, there is no sexual activity allowed anywhere on the resort in public except for the Charter House or your room. The upstairs of the Charter House was a social area where you could meet and flirt with your new friends. They served a light snack that was very nice on Saturday night. Downstairs there were several group and private rooms with a variety of themes including an S/M themed room for those who enjoy fetish play. There are many swing clubs whose party accommodations don't even come close to the Charter House. The Charter House was open anytime of the day or night that you felt like playing with others. However, on weekend nights it is the busiest. A membership at Pleasure Grove is well worth the investment just to attend parties at the Charter House.

I'm sure there are some of you reading this who might be just a little intimidated about spending a weekend at a resort like this because you don't know anyone who will be there. Never fear these Southern folks are definitely friendly. In a very short period of time, you have a lot of friends. I once called Live Oaks in Texas the friendliest nude resort in the country. At Pleasure Grove, you'll find the same friendly Southern Hospitality. Don't worry about making friends. It won't take long before you'll have all kinds of friends.

The weekend we spent at Pleasure Grove was the weekend after Memorial Day weekend. The resort had been packed with people for Memorial Day. I'm sure some of our friends would be surprised, but I'm sure we would have had more fun at Pleasure Grove than we did at the well known nude resort where we spend Memorial Day weekend. The weekend before that had been a biker event called Hooters on Scooters which they do twice a year. We knew that after two huge weekends that the party would likely be much smaller and less active than it would have been on a major weekend. However, it was the only weekend we had available.

Friday night started out a little slow. It had been raining for much of the day and the crowds on Friday night were light. We had a great time dancing and then hanging out in the hot tub. In the early morning hours, we were in the hot tub with an attractive couple from Alabama. It was their first visit to either a swinger's party or a nude resort. We assumed that since they were new that they were probably not ready to head to the Charter house, but I guess we just assumed too much. We decided to let them have some privacy and retired to our motor home. The next morning, he let me know that they were looking for us later that evening! That was a lesson learned, we should have asked them if they were interested in doing a tour of the Charter house!

Saturday morning we woke up to blue skis and sun shine! That was really good news! The sun brought out a lot more people and we enjoyed a wonderful day of water volleyball and fun in the pool. We made a lot of good friends and had a great afternoon.

The theme that night was Naughty School Girl. I don't know about you but I love getting dressed up in a skirt that almost covers my ass! A lot of the girls dressed in theme. The real action started when they announced that we were going to take photos during the next dance. While Michael snapped pictures, the naughty school girls and boys played. It was all flashing and flirting but it got everyone excited about heading for the Charter House.

We had mentioned that we would take a few pictures in the Charter House if we had some people who wanted to do pictures there. It got so sexy during the dance that Michael thought he had enough pictures. The problem was the couples wanted to do some pictures while they were having sex. Not wanting to disappoint anyone, we packed up the camera and took it with us to the Charter House.

One our way, we met a couple from the local area who had never been to a swing club or nude resort before. They approached us and wanted to talk. Since they were a very attractive couple, we wanted to talk to them too! We flirted for a while then when we were offered a ride to the Charter House, they joined us.

Since we were doing pictures, the party started immediately. I joined another fun couple in the S/M room. I helped them use the swing and then I allowed myself to be tied to the cross. It was all in fun but for me to submit is highly unusual. I really prefer to be the Dom for the other woman!

When we move to the group room, the party exploded. Two other couples joined us for real orgy while Michael took pictures. One of the couples was the Alabama couple from last night. I was pleasantly surprised to see them jump right in the middle of the group. Michael took pictures for a while but soon he started thinking with his small head and put away the camera. He wanted to play too!

Michael and I are quite different when we attend an orgy. He likes to flirt with one women and have sex with her until he has an over the top intense orgasm. I guess I'm more of a slut! I joined all of the other couples. I love being with women and I did every one of them in the group room that night. I also love being with men so while I was licking their wives pussy the guys took care of my pussy. The orgy that night in the group room went on until the early morning hours. It was a wonderful way to end a fantastic weekend.

We really enjoyed Pleasure Grove and we think you will too. It's a comfortable resort if you just want to enjoy being nude with some of your friends. If you don't feel comfortable being around people having sex, you don't have to be but at least you can touch and kiss your significant other without repercussions. It's a great resort for those who are new to the lifestyle. You meet people all day long. You get to know them and then if you so choose you can take the trip to the Charter house or your own room for more of whatever turns you on. For experience swingers like ourselves, we had no problem connecting with others for the kind of party we enjoy.

If you can do plan a trip there, I would recommend you consider spending a week at Pleasure Grove. There is a lot more to do there than just lie in the sun and have sex all night. If you ride motorcycle, the roads in the Georgia Mountains are fantastic! The scenery is incredible and there are plenty of curves to keep it interesting and the mountains are full of waterfalls and other thrills of nature. The small alpine town of Helen is a short 8 mile drive from the resort. We spent an afternoon there enjoying the restaurants, shops and scenery.

To my knowledge, there is only one other nude resort that has had the courage to promote themselves as Lifestyle friendly and that is Live Oaks near Houston, Texas. I think the lifestyle / nudist concept will become more and more popular. As a nudist you can enjoy yourself with a lot more freedom and as a swinger you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Pleasure Grove is on my list of favorite places and if you are like us I'm sure you'll enjoy it too. Click here for Pleasure Groves Web site or you can call them at 800-963-6833.

Vicki and Michael