Testicle Festival

The big event at Testy Fest is the Wet T-shirt contest. The girls were blasted with cold water from a hose. It was very wet and of course those wet clothes didn't stay on long. You'll want to check out the action on the video clip.

testicle 172.jpg testicle 173.jpg testicle 174.jpg testicle 175.jpg testicle 176.jpg
testicle 209.jpg testicle 210.jpg testicle 214.jpg testicle 215.jpg testicle 216.jpg
testicle 217.jpg testicle 218.jpg testicle 219.jpg testicle 220.jpg testicle 224.jpg
testicle 225.jpg testicle 226.jpg testicle 228.jpg testicle 229.jpg testicle 230.jpg
testicle 231.jpg testicle 232.jpg testicle 234.jpg testicle 235.jpg testicle 236.jpg

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