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You have reached the personal web site of Michael and Vicki. We live full time in our motor home and own a lot at LVM Resort. This is a luxury motor coach resort in Las Vegas. We spend about 6 months in Las Vegas. The rest of the year we travel across country, as well as international destinations.

We have our travel plans put together for 2013. We always love making new friends. If you'll be attending the same event or will be near places we are visiting, please let us know.

The picture was from the Rock N Roll wine tastings in Las Vegas. We love wine and visit wineries often. We like fine wine. More important for us is the social part of sharing fine wines with friends. The Rock N Roll wine events feature some great artist, rock n roll, of course, and some excellent wines. If we are in Vegas we always attend their functions. If you'd like to more about their events Click here.

On January 23rd we are going to Quartzsite, Arizona. Don't worry about us we'll have our birth certificates and passport with us! There is a huge RV show in Quartzsite every year. We decided to make the trip so that we can have the manufacture install a hitch on our new Ford C-max hybrid. We have friends there who will be throwing a big party one of the nights we are there.

When we leave Quartzsite we'll be driving to Puerto Penasco, Mexico and parking in an RV park right on the beach over looking the Sea of Cortez. It's a very peaceful setting with some amazing sunsets! It's a shrimp port. We'll be dining on fresh shrimp and enjoying some fablous ocean front restaurants for a week. A few years ago Puerto Penasco was a pretty wild place during spring break. Unfortunately on this trip we'll just have to enjoy the scenery and fine food. Oh I guess we shouldn't forget the tequila!

We'll return to Las Vegas after that for most of February until March 21 when we fly to Tampa. We'll be staying a couple weeks at our favorite nude resort Caliente. Caliente is a very upscale nude resort. It's definitely the nicest one in the US and probably the world.

When we leave there we'll be flying to San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is our first trip to Puerto Rico. We are going to see as much as we possibly can in the 3 days we have there. We are leaving Puerto Rico via cruise ship. We are on another lifestyle take over curise just like the one we were on November 2012. These are amazing clothing optional party cruises. Unfortunately they will not allow us to post any pictures from the cruise. We'll post a few from our time on the islands we visit. On this trip we'll visit Curacao, Aruba, St. Kitts & St. Maarten. It almost doesn't matter where you stop on a cruise as your experience in that location is very limited. These cruise are nothing like the ones everyone else takes. It's pretty much a non stop party.

After the cruise we'll return to Vegas mid April. Our plans are to stay in Vegas until May 10th. Then we are back in Puerto Penasco until after Memorial Day Weekend. We're hoping for a big and wild party in Mexico for Memorial day. I guess we'll find out! If nothing else we'll enjoy some beach time and fresh shrimp!

This year we are spending most of June in Las Vegas. It's starts getting pretty hot in Vegas mid June. Those plans might be subject to change! Speaking of Hot, on July 10 we'll fly to New Orleans for the annual Naught in Nawlins convention once again. We've never missed one of these conventions since they started doing them. Unfortunately we won't be posting any more pictures from Naughty in Nawlins. Apparently they have changed their policy on posting pictures.

When we return to Las Vegas it will be a very short stay, less than a week. Then we return to Northern California to a nude resort that I can't name as they would probably freak out! Nude resorts come in two varities one is adult, clothing optional, and open to everyone, like Caliente. Then there are those we call traditional nude resorts. Any reference to sexuality could mean you'll be asked to leave and you membership canceled! This is one of those resorts. However, it's a beautiful resort in a park like setting with multiple pools, hot tub, and a lake. There are many nice people there. We just have to be careful what we say! We love visiting the many wineries in the area as well as riding motorcycle into the nearby Gold Country towns in the Sierras.

We didn't go to Fantasy Fest in 2012. We didn't realize how much we missed it. Fantasy Fest is a 7 night very wild, very naked, Halloween party! It's probably the biggest body painting event in the world and it's a lot of fun! In October we'll be returning to Caliente the nude resort near Tampa for a couple weeks. Then we'll go to Key West for Fantasy Fest.

We live full time in our 40 foot, quad slide Dutch Star. We love RV travel as it takes us across the country in luxury. We carry our BMW K1200LT on a hydraulic lift on the back of the motor home and we tow a Ford C-Max Hybrid.

These are a few shots of our lot at Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort. We really love living here. It is an amazing RV resort. Our golf cart is maybe a little flashy but it gets us around the resort in style!

We would love to hear from you and we would love to meet you somewhere along the road this year. Just click below to E-mail us.

We developed this site so that we could share some of our pictures and experiences with our friends. If you are offended by nudity or sexuality or if you are under the age of 21 do not proceed beyond this page. If you are under the age of 21 you won't find this site very interesting anyway as we are older than your parents so surf somewhere else! If you meet these requirements and want to see some of our pictures Enter by clicking below. If not please leave our site.