Hog Rock 2007

Hog Rock is a Biker Rally that we really enjoy that takes place in Southern Illinois on the Kentucky border in a very small bible belt town called Cave in Rock. It always amazes us that this wild party takes place in such a conservative area. This years rally took place June 13 to 17.

The attendance more than doubled in size this year to over 30,000 people. I really think people are coming to events like this because they've lost so much freedom in the last few years. There are no police allowed at the event. We've never seen or heard of any kind of problems at this or at past events. It's an event without rules that is so much fun! You can do pretty much anything you would like as long as you are curious to those around you.

The body painting is some of the first I've done on other people. I have painted my own breasts before but this time I was doing my friends too. It was a lot of fun.

Click here if you'd like to visit their web site. We had a fun group with us this year. If you'd like to join us next year let us know.

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