Nawlins on Bourbon

The Nawlins convention has always been held in November. Bob and Tess changed the convention to June this year. Hotel rooms are much cheaper in June and the weather is warmer. This years convention was held at the Royal Senesta. That is the hotel to be at on Bourbon Street. We were fortunate to have a suite with the biggest balcony on Bourbon street right over the entrance to the hotel on the second floor. We took over the entire hotel property and were the only ones allowed entrance into the hotel. All conventions of this nature should be in locations where entrance into the property is controlled. It never works out if you share you hotel with soccer moms! Click here for more information about the Nawlins convention and other events sponsored by Bob and Tess.

mardigras 005.jpg nawlinsjune 005.jpg nawlinsjune 007.jpg nawlinsjune 010.jpg nawlinsjune 011.jpg
nawlinsjune 013.jpg nawlinsjune 014.jpg nawlinsjune 016.jpg nawlinsjune 017.jpg nawlinsjune 021.jpg
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