Sparks America

When you tell friends you are going to Sparks Oklahoma for a biker rally even people who are from Oklahoma will give you a strange look and then ask where is that? It's always fun to be able to tell people about events that happen just a few miles from where they live. It's a windy and it's dusty in Sparks, but you go there for the people. Just look at the smiles on the faces in these pictures. The people who attend the Sparks rally are there to Party! Tony, his family and staff put on an amazing biker rally. There are bands every night and entertainment all day. We had so much fun at the rally that we are returning again this year. If you would like to join us Click here for their web site.

Sparks1 019.JPG Sparks1 022.JPG Sparks1 023.JPG Sparks1 026.JPG Sparks1 028.JPG
Sparks1 031.JPG Sparks1 032.JPG Sparks1 034.JPG sparks2 002.JPG sparks2 008.JPG
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