Fantasy Fest 2008

We love Fantasy Fest! The best way to explain Fantasy Fest is that it's a naked, sexy, Mardi Gras street party. You can attend Fantasy Fest without dressing in costume but it won't be the same experience. It's far better to attend this event as a participant than as a voyeur. Click here for the Fantasy Fest official site. We always hook up with a fun group of people at Fantasy Fest called the Krewe de Krazy Life, Click here for their web site. If you are going to Fantasy Fest it's well worth connecting with them. We always arrive on Sunday or before. Sunday night is what we would call a get aquainted night. There are a lot of people dressed in the Pirate theme. It's a fun night. However, the best party of the week for us is the fetish party Kelly's Kinky Karnival. It's kind of like hitting the accellerator going from 0 to 100 in seconds. This is a very wild fun party. There is a different theme every night through Saturday. This is a major body painting event. I've included a lot of pictures of this event as there is so much to see. We took almost a thousand pictures during the week we were in Key West. We are already booked for next year. If you are going please let us know.

Fantasy Fest 009.JPG Fantasy Fest 013.JPG Fantasy Fest 014.JPG Fantasy Fest 016.JPG Fantasy Fest 017.JPG
Fantasy Fest 019.JPG Fantasy Fest 022.JPG Fantasy Fest 023.JPG Fantasy Fest 025.JPG Fantasy Fest 028.JPG
Fantasy Fest 029.JPG Fantasy Fest 030.JPG Fantasy Fest 032.JPG Fantasy Fest 036.JPG FF1 004.JPG
FF1 006.JPG FF1 008.JPG FF1 011.JPG FF1 012.JPG FF1 013.JPG
FF1 014.JPG FF1 017.JPG FF1 018.JPG FF1 023.JPG FF1 031.JPG

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