Fantasy Fest 2006

Fantasy Fest is the ultimate Halloween party. You can find more information on the official web site, Click here. Fantasy Fest is listed on the Top 40 festivals in the world in the number 2 spot. On that list the only festival that is rated higher is Carnival in Rio. This is truly a one of a kind event. There is nothing even close anywhere in the US. Fantasy Fest last 10 days. Each night has a different theme. Each year some of the best body painters from around the country come to Key West for Fantasy Fest. This is an exhibitionist party! The best way to enjoy this party is to join in and get painted or wear a costume.

paint 092.jpg paint 094.jpg paint 095.jpg paint 098.jpg paint 100.jpg
paint 103.jpg paint 104.jpg paint 105.jpg paint 107.jpg paint 109.jpg
paint 110.jpg paint 112.jpg paint 114.jpg paint 116.jpg paint 118.jpg
paint 120.jpg paint 123.jpg paint 124.jpg paint 125.jpg paint 126.jpg
paint 129.jpg paint 132.jpg paint 134.jpg paint 136.jpg paint 138.jpg

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