Fantasy Fest 2010

We attended Fantasy Fest in Key West in Key West once again in 2010. We are planning to attend again in 2011. Fantasy Fest is a 7 night Halloween party. It's probably the biggest body painting event in the world. This is an amazing party. Click here for Fantasy Fests official site. If you are planning a trip to Key West I want to give you another link that would be very helpful. We have used Susie at Key West Key for years. She knows every hotel, home or condo available in Key West. Her advice and help has always given us the best possible room at the best price. Click here for Susie's web site. We always hook up with a great group of people called the Krazy Krew. You can find their yahoo group by Clicking here.

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fffriday10 040.JPG fffriday10 041.JPG fffriday10 042.JPG fffriday10 043.JPG fffriday10 045.JPG

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