Fantasy Fest 2009

Fantasy Fest is seven night costume Halloween party in Key West. This years event included Halloween but it's not always that way. Click here for the official Fantasy Fest site. This is truly one of those events that you should do before you die! Fantasy Fest is a huge body painting event probably the biggest in the world. The creativity of the artists is incredible. We will be there next year. Maybe we'll see you there?

ff09001.JPG ff09fri007.JPG ff09fri008.JPG ff09fri010.JPG ff09fri013.JPG
ff09fri015.JPG ff09fri017.JPG ff09fri018.JPG ff09fri019.JPG ff09fri020.JPG
ff09fri021.JPG ff09fri023.JPG ff09fri024.JPG ff09fri025.JPG ff09fri026.JPG
ff09fri027.JPG ff09fri028.JPG ff09fri029.JPG ff09fri030.JPG ff09fri031.JPG
ff09fri032.JPG ff09fri033.JPG ff09fri034.JPG ff09fri035.JPG ff09fri038.JPG

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