Texas Hedo Fest

Hedo Fest is a three day nudist / lifestyle party that takes place at Live Oaks Nudist Resort located about 80 miles from Houston, Texas. Click here if you wish to visit Live Oaks Web site. We were playing at Live Oaks from May 4th through May 8th. Live Oaks is one of friendliest nudist resorts we have ever visited. Everyone drops by and invites you to come over and have a drink with them. Hedo Fest started with a toga party. Then after several elimination bouts Vicki claimed the belt for the oil wrestling championship. When you are in Texas there is always one night where everyone dresses cowboy. The female sundays were delicious! Yes I do exercise while I'm on the road! Hedo Fest is a lot of fun. We hope you can join us in Texas next year.

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