Hog Rock Illinois

This is my kind of motorcycle rally. It was a great party and yes everyone had a motorcycle. Traveling to Hog Rock took us from Georgia though Nashville into Kentucky across the Ohio River into Illinois. In order to get across the river to Hog Rock we had to board a barge. That was interesting putting a 40,000 pound motor home on a barge and floating across the river! Later we took a helicopter ride. The picture shows the barge crossing the river with a bus. The next picture was Hog Rock from the air. !2,000 riders attended Hog Rock. Naked girls were an important part of the event. Vicki joins the girls for a wet G-string contest. At night there were several bands and the girls danced in cages and on the pole for the crowds. Click here for Hog Rock's web site.
hog0001.jpg hog0002.jpg hog0004.jpg hog0005.jpg hog0006.jpg
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