Hog Rock Motorcycle Rally

The party continues with more dancing and dare devil riders from Vegas of all places. Girls would stand topless in the middle and the guys would ride around them each touching her breasts as they past. Vicki has fun and makes friends with people at the rally and joins the girls in topless contest. Why do wet T-shirts? They started out without tops and then took the rest of it off. In the third row you see a young kid who was chosen to oil up one of the girls for the oil wrestling. He had an ass in his face and had no idea what to do with it! I'm sure some of you are wondering where the bikes are. So here are a few pictures of the bikes. Can you believe this all took place in the middle of the Bible Belt! We were somewhat surprised to find a lot of lifestyle couples at Hog Rock.

hog0027.jpg hog0028.jpg hog0029.jpg hog0030.jpg hog0031.jpg
hog0032.jpg hog0033.jpg hog0034.jpg hog0035.jpg hog0036.jpg
hog0037.jpg hog0038.jpg hog0039.jpg hog0040.jpg hog0042.jpg
hog0043.jpg hog0044.jpg hog0045.jpg hog0046.jpg hog0047.jpg
hog0048.jpg hog0049.jpg hog0050.jpg hog0051.jpg hogrock330.jpg

Click here for a video clip of Hog Rock Oil Wrestling