Hog Rock 2009

We returned to Hog Rock in Southern Illinois once again. I'd have to say that this rally is still our favorite. Click here for Hog Rocks web site. Again this year Hog Daddy the promoter of Hog Rock provided us with great RV sites where we barbecued fine steaks and drank fine wine while camping out. Our camp as well as the entire rally was pretty much clothing optional the entire time. People are friendly at this rally as they are at most biker rallies. Maybe we'll see you there in 2010?

HogRock083.JPG HogRock086.JPG HogRock087.JPG HogRock088.JPG HogRock089.JPG
HogRock091.JPG HogRock092.JPG HogRock094.JPG HogRock095.JPG HogRock097.JPG
HogRock098.JPG hogrocksat001.JPG hogrocksat002.JPG hogrocksat008.JPG hogrocksat009.JPG
hogrocksat010.JPG hogrocksat036.JPG hogrocksat037.JPG hogrocksat038.JPG hogrocksat040.JPG
hogrocksat041.JPG hogrocksat042.JPG hogrocksat044.JPG hogrocksat045.JPG hogrocksat046.JPG

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