Hooters on Scooters

Hooters on Scooters is a biker rally that takes place at Pleasure Grove clothing optional resort in Cleveland, Georgia. We were there for 10 day from Memorial Day thought the following weekend for Hooters on Scooters. We rode a lot of miles in the Blue Ridge mountains and saw some very beautiful country. During the event we stayed at the resort. Who wanted the leave as you can see the party was great! We plan to be back in September for a second Hooters on Scooters. The most fun was the pudding wrestling. Just imagine trying to wrestle naked is slippery pudding! It was so much fun! Click here for more Pleasure Groves web site.

grove 066.jpg grove 068.jpg grove 089.jpg grove 091.jpg grove 097.jpg
grove 098.jpg grove 099.jpg grove 112.jpg grove 120.jpg grove 122.jpg
grove 130.jpg grove 132.jpg grove 149.jpg grove 151.jpg grove 154.jpg
grove 189.jpg grove 195.jpg grove 201.jpg grove 202.jpg grove 203.jpg
grove 206.jpg grove 207.jpg grove 210.jpg grove 211.jpg grove 214.jpg