Hooters on Scooters 08

Hooters on Scooters is a biker rally that takes place at the Grove,a resort in the mountains of northern Georgia. Click here for the Grove's web site. As you can see the Grove is clothing optional. It's also and adult resort which is something we prefer. We will once again be at the Grove this year for Memorial Day and Hooters on Scooters. The Grove is very friendly! Don't worry about not knowing anyone. You won't be a stranger very long at the Grove. The people there truly believe in Southern Hospitality.

Grove08 006.JPG Grove08 011.JPG Grove08 015.JPG Grove08 016.JPG Grove08 017.JPG
Grove08 043.JPG Grove08 044.JPG Grove08 072.JPG Grove08 074.JPG Grove08 079.JPG
Grove08 081.JPG Grove08 084.JPG Grove08 090.JPG Grove08 096.JPG Grove08 104.JPG
Grove08 110.JPG Grove08 111.JPG Grove08 198.JPG Grove08 201.JPG grovesat 030.JPG
grovesat 032.JPG grovesat 036.JPG hooterssat 069.JPG hooterssat 073.JPG hooterssat 074.JPG

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