Orlando Interlude

Orlando Interlude is a swingers convention that takes in the magical city of Orlando. This was the 4th year for Orlando Interlude and approximately 500 couples attended this convention. We like this size convention as it's easy to make new friends and there are plenty of fun people to play with. The first few pictures are of the costumes that our friends wore for some of the theme dances. We were in the middle of a cocktail party when these two women decided they just had to unzip Michael's pants. He did nothing to stop them! One of the big afternoon events is the Wet T-shirt contest. This contest has nothing to do with being wet or even being in a T-shirt. All of the judges lay on their backs and none of the girls wear panties. Vicki really enjoyed being a judge in this contest. This event took place in the hotel bar! As soon as we had the entire hotel on Friday all of the women were topless and the bottoms were minimal to almost none.

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