June Bug 2009

The June Bug Rally takes place about 80 miles East of Nashville in Cookeville, Tennessee. Click here for their web site. The weather wasn't the best while we were there as temperatures were very hot and it was very humid. If you plan to attend this rally in an RV be sure to get there early. The property is very hilly and there are only a few level spots. This rally is about as far east of Nashville as Hog Rock is to the West. However, there is a big difference in the people who attend each rally. The one thing I can tell you is that dentists are not nearly as popular as tattoo artists in this part of the country. This was a fun rally but I doubt that we'll return again next year.

junebug0001.JPG junebug0002.JPG junebug0003.JPG junebug0004.JPG junebug0005.JPG
junebug0006.JPG junebug0007.JPG junebug0008.JPG junebug0009.JPG junebug0010.JPG
junebug0011.JPG junebug0012.JPG junebug0013.JPG junebug0014.JPG junebug0015.JPG
junebug0016.JPG junebug0017.JPG junebug0018.JPG junebug0019.JPG junebug0020.JPG
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