June Bug 2009

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Shaving cream wrestling was one of the big events for the women. These girls were serious about winning! You'll want to check out the video clips.

junebug0026.JPG junebug0027.JPG junebug0028.JPG junebug0029.JPG junebug0030.JPG
junebug0031.JPG junebug0032.JPG junebug0033.JPG junebug0034.JPG junebug0035.JPG
junebug0036.JPG junebug0037.JPG junebug0038.JPG junebug0039.JPG junebug0040.JPG
junebug0041.JPG junebug0042.JPG junebug0043.JPG junebug0044.JPG junebug0045.JPG
junebug0046.JPG junebug0047.JPG junebug0048.JPG junebug0049.JPG junebug0050.JPG

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