Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde is a National park located in the four corners area in Southwest Colorado. These cliff dwelling are incredible. I don't know that I'm an authority of spiritual places but I'm sure Mesa Verde qualifies. It was an amazing feeling crawling up ladders and through the same holes and passages ways that ancient people did in the 1200's. You are left to wonder who occupied these dwellings and what they were used for. This National Park is well worth visiting.

mesaverde 008.jpg mesaverde 009.jpg mesaverde 010.jpg mesaverde 011.jpg mesaverde 012.jpg
mesaverde 013.jpg mesaverde 016.jpg mesaverde 018.jpg mesaverde 022.jpg mesaverde 023.jpg
mesaverde 028.jpg mesaverde 029.jpg mesaverde 031.jpg mesaverde 032.jpg mesaverde 033.jpg
mesaverde 035.jpg mesaverde 036.jpg mesaverde 037.jpg mesaverde 038.jpg mesaverde 039.jpg
mesaverde 043.jpg mesaverde 044.jpg mesaverde 048.jpg mesaverde 049.jpg mesaverde 050.jpg

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