Mexican Cruise

In November we took a 7 day Mexican cruise with the same group that we cruised the Med with last October. We had a large group of 170 couples who had 90% of the ships suites booked. If you would like to check out future cruises Click here for their web site. We'll be going on the Galapagos Islands with them in March 2010. The cruise ship was more than a little concerned that one of the girls might take their top off so we were very conservative on board. However, the parties at port were insane. The first pictures are from Ponchos and Blondies in Cabo. Our friends own that bar. Have you ever hung upside down like a Marlin? Our friends loved doing that in a mini skirt! The pirate ship and clothing optional beach were the most fun in Puerto Vallarta. Body shots on the way back got a little carried away but we had a great time!

cabo 022.JPG cabo 024.JPG cabo 026.JPG cabo 038.JPG cabo 046.JPG
cabo 095.JPG cabo 096.JPG cabo 099.JPG cabo 103.JPG cabo 107.JPG
cabo 111.JPG cabo 113.JPG cabo 114.JPG cabo 117.JPG cabo 122.JPG
cabo 126.JPG cabo 127.JPG PV 061.JPG PV 064.JPG PV 066.JPG
PV 067.JPG PV 081.JPG PV 082.JPG PV 086.JPG PV 091.JPG

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