Party Naked at Utopia

These pictures were all taken at Utopia on Bourbon Street in the middle of the afternoon. This is part of what makes this convention so special. Sure it's fun hanging around a pool in a small bikini, but this kind of party gets everyone excited, and ready for a party that goes all night long! Jeff the body painter was there painting tits! He's a great artist and added a lot to the fun.

utopia 015.jpg utopia 016.jpg utopia 018.jpg utopia 020.jpg utopia 021.jpg
utopia 022.jpg utopia 029.jpg utopia 031.jpg utopia 036.jpg utopia 038.jpg
utopia 041.jpg utopia 043.jpg utopia 044.jpg utopia 045.jpg utopia 046.jpg
utopia 048.jpg utopia 049.jpg utopia 051.jpg utopia 052.jpg utopia 056.jpg
utopia 058.jpg utopia 060.jpg utopia 061.jpg utopia 062.jpg utopia 063.jpg

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