Naughty in Nawlins 2009

Naughty in Nawlins is hands down our favorite party convention of the year. Unlike many events that are the same year after year Bob and Tess, The French Connection work very hard to keep their events fresh, adding new things every year. Click here for more information about French Connection events. Our good friends Brain and Tangerine were this years King and Queen. Brian is dressed as Uncle Sam. This party is uninhibited and a lot of fun!

nawlin09013.JPG nawlin09014.JPG nawlin09015.JPG nawlin09016.JPG nawlin09017.JPG
nawlin09018.JPG nawlin09019.JPG nawlin09020.JPG nawlin09021.JPG nawlin09022.JPG
nawlin09023.JPG nawlin09024.JPG nawlin09026.JPG nawlin09027.JPG nawlin09029.JPG
nawlin09030.JPG nawlin09031.JPG nawlin09032.JPG nawlin09033.JPG nawlin09034.JPG
nawlin09035.JPG nawlin09036.JPG nawlin09037.JPG nawlin09038.JPG nawlin09039.JPG

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