New Orleans after Katrina

Michael and I visited New Orleans on May 12 and 13, 2006. Just like you, we had seen so many news reports about the city that we just had to come see for ourselves what New Orleans was like after Katrina.

Our friends Bob and Tess of the now famous Nawlins in November convention met us as soon as we arrive on Friday afternoon. They took us on a tour of the city. We started in the French Quarter. Everything looked so normal. In fact, Bourbon Street was cleaner than I had ever seen it.

The French Quarter is the oldest section of the city, and it was constructed on the highest parts of the city. During Katrina and the subsequent flood the French quarter was covered with just a few inches of water. Damage was minimal. We were impressed that New Orleans looked pretty much the same as it always had.

The shock came as we entered the Lower 9th ward. They show you the 9th ward every night on the news. I'd never been to the 9th ward as its several miles from the tourists areas on New Orleans. We simply could not believe the devastation. It looked a lot like the pictures you see of war torn Iraq. No one lives there, and no business are open. It will take years for these neighborhoods to recover, but I think in the end New Orleans will emerge a finer city and retain the character that we all love.

The good news for all of us who are tourists is that New Orleans and Bourbon Street are alive and well. If you've been there I'm sure you remember the live let live attitude that permeates the city. New Orleans is all about having a good time. That attitude lives on and I doubt you'll see any girls arrested anytime soon for showing their breast to admiring strangers.

We spent Friday night at New Orleans only swing club Colette's. We had a good time that night and I became intimate friends with a cute young black guy. We had a great time on Friday night. If that is all that had happened it would have been a good visit, but Saturday night was truly incredible.

On Saturday night Bob and Tess had invited us to join them and a few of their friends. American Idol runner up Bo Bice was playing at one of the area night clubs called the Arena. We met everyone at the Marriot Hotel that will be home to Nawlins in November this fall.

Our small group of six couples piled into an SUV and a car and headed to the concert. The cute girl that was sitting on part of Michaels lap got his attention immediately when she asked if he wanted a blow job on the way! There really wasn't room in a cramped car, but I could tell that Michael was excited by the idea.

We'd all had a few drinks and there was a sexual tension in our small group that was boiling over with excitement. When we got to the night club one of the guys pulled out his camera and started taking pictures. He handed the camera to a friend and told him to take pictures while he went to the bathroom. Michael got the bright idea that we should take pictures of my pussy while he was at the bathroom as a surprise when he downloaded the pictures. I had to take off my panties for the picture. We took pictures of my pussy and we thought we were being so naughty!

In the next few minutes all of the girls took off their panties. We were taking pictures of all the girls' pussies as they lifted their skirts. The girl who had been talking about a blow job unzipped Michael's pants pulled out his cock and gave him a quick blow job for a picture. We were in the middle of a public night club and this was a party that just wasn't going to stop.

The next morning I was shocked at how much we got away with that night. All of the guys were playing with the girl's breasts, and pussies fully exposed. The girls were licking the other girl's pussies and sucking the guys cocks. We were having so much fun that we were totally oblivious to the fact that we were in public. Amazingly enough we were in full view and no one said one word to us. That's what I love about New Orleans.

Just in case you are wondering the concert was excellent!

Bourbon Street is alive and well. The party is just like it's always been wild and uninhibited. I expect Mardi Gras this year will be the best ever. New Orleans wants to show the world it's the best when it comes to putting on the wildest party on earth!

Hope to see you at Mardi Gras.

Michael and Vicki

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