Sparks America 2009

Sparks America is yet another fun biker rally party. Sparks America takes place in Sparks, Oklahoma. Don't even bother to ask anyone from Oklahoma if they have been to Sparks, most have no idea where it's at. Click here for Sparks America web site. This is a 10 day rally and in our opinion it's well worth attending. This year Tony brought in Cage Fighting. Those are the first two pictures that you see. It wasn't well attended. I think it's great that they are at least trying some new things. The people at this rally are friendly and a lot of fun. This rally is well worth attending and it's just going to keep getting better.

sparks09sat002.JPG sparks09sat003.JPG sparks09sat004.JPG sparks09sat005.JPG sparks09sat006.JPG
sparks09sat007.JPG sparks09sat008.JPG sparks09sat009.JPG sparks1034.JPG sparks1035.JPG
sparks1036.JPG sparks1041.JPG sparks1042.JPG sparks4003.JPG sparks4011.JPG
sparks4035.JPG sparks4038.JPG sparks4044.JPG sparks4048.JPG sparksfri001.JPG
sparksfri002.JPG sparksfri003.JPG sparksfri004.JPG sparksfri005.JPG sparksfri006.JPG

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