Florida Splash 08

The Florida Splash party takes place in an Orlando hotel where the group takes over the entire hotel for a long weekend, Thursday through Sunday. This event has some structure with dances, and music and activities around the pool. It's all about Freedom at this party. You can get naked or dress anyway you like. There are two Splash parties every year. The Florida Splash parties are produced by Bruce and Dixie. Click here for more information about Florida Splash parties.

splash 001.JPG splash 003.JPG Splash 024.JPG Splash 027.JPG Splash 032.JPG
Splash 034.JPG Splash 035.JPG splash 036.JPG splash 038.JPG splash 040.JPG
splash 041.JPG splash 045.JPG splash bob 079.JPG splash bob 080.JPG splash bob 081.JPG
splash bob 082.JPG splash bob 086.JPG splash bob 089.JPG splash bob 093.JPG splash bob 094.JPG
splash bob 097.JPG splash bob 098.JPG splash bob 101.JPG splash bob 103.JPG splash bob 112.JPG

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