Wisconsin Swingers Festival

Black River Falls, Wisconsin is the headquarters of Club NCN sponsor of the Swingers Festival. This is another swingers campout in the north. The group was small but a lot of fun. The pictures are from some of the games during the weekend. The first are from the Best Buns contest. Then the girls got their turn. The crazy picture were taken when a group of us were given a sack full of lingerie to wear. Then we had to tell the group who we were! Michael's favorite event was musical chairs. The girls circled the guys who were naked. The girls had to get their lips around the guys, you know what! Finally I love these outdoor group showers. It can be so much fun taking a shower outdoors with a friend! Click here for information about Club NCN.

swingfling014.jpg swingfling015.jpg swingfling016.jpg swingfling019.jpg swingfling020.jpg
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