Wisconsin Biker Chicks

We took these pictures in Black River Falls. The bike belongs to a friend who was at the Swingers Festival and will also be going to Sturgis. It was such an incredible bike that we had to take a few naked pictures on it. These picture are really for the girls, but I'm sure they won't mind if you take a look at them.

swingfling117.jpg swingfling120.jpg swingfling122.jpg swingfling123.jpg swingfling124.jpg
swingfling126.jpg swingfling130.jpg swingfling134.jpg swingfling135.jpg swingfling136.jpg
swingfling138.jpg swingfling139.jpg swingfling142.jpg swingfling148.jpg swingfling150.jpg
swingfling151.jpg swingfling154.jpg swingfling155.jpg swingfling156.jpg swingfling157.jpg
swingfling159.jpg swingfling160.jpg swingfling161.jpg swingfling162.jpg swingfling163.jpg

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