Testicle Festival

The Slippery Pig contest is an interesting Montana event. They pour oil all over the pig. Then two man teams tackle the pig, hold it down, or flip it over. It was pretty obvious that the pig wasn't all that interested in being in the contest. He quickly tired of being throw around. The pig was pretty difficult for the first team to tackle. However, by the time he was being chased by the fifth team the pig was so tired it took only a few seconds. The show was entertaining for a while but then everyone turned their attention to the topless girls and the party.

testicle 067.jpg testicle 071.jpg testicle 072.jpg testicle 073.jpg testicle 075.jpg
testicle 076.jpg testicle 077.jpg testicle 078.jpg testicle 079.jpg testicle 080.jpg
testicle 081.jpg testicle 082.jpg testicle 083.jpg testicle 085.jpg testicle 087.jpg
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