Club Trapeze

We visited Club Trapeze while we were in Atlanta, May 19 and 20. It was the first time we had been to Trapeze in Atlanta or Ft Lauderdale. We had been hearing for years how nice this club was and it really lived up to it's reputation. The club is divided into two sections. The front of the club has a fantastic buffet dinner, night club with dance floor. Once you enter the play area where all of these pictures were taken you have to remove your street clothes. They provide towels and lockers. Trapeze is by far the best designed swing club that we have ever been to. The crowd at Trapeze is good looking, friendly and they love to play! Click here for the Trapeze web site.

trapeze 006.jpg trapeze 007.jpg trapeze 021.jpg trapeze 030.jpg trapeze 038.jpg
trapeze 052.jpg trapeze 089.jpg trapeze 091.jpg trapeze 093.jpg trapeze 095.jpg
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