Lifestyles Convention 2006

The first swingers convention I ever attended was the Lifestyles Convention way back in 1982. This one was much more reserved than in years past. There was no nudity in public meaning no tits at the pool during our private parties for convention attendees only or at our private adults only dances. All nudity in these pictures was taken in the Red Rooster party suite. There are conventions for everyone these days. The Lifestyle's conventions are perfect for couples new to the lifestyle. Click here for Lifestyles Convention web site. Lifestyles is also an excellent travel agency for all of your adult travel fantasies.

pool 002.jpg pool 003.jpg pool 005.jpg pool 006.jpg pool 007.jpg
pool 008.jpg pool 009.jpg pool 011.jpg pool 012.jpg pool 013.jpg
pool 014.jpg pool 015.jpg pool 016.jpg pool 017.jpg pool 019.jpg
pool 020.jpg pool 022.jpg pool 023.jpg pool 024.jpg pool 025.jpg
pool 026.jpg pool 027.jpg pool 028.jpg pool 029.jpg pool 030.jpg

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