Naughty in Nawlins 2011

We have attended every Naughty In Nawlins convention since they started 11 years ago. Click here for the event web site. Needless to say this is our favorite party / convention of the year. Unfortunately, I can't show you pictures from the entire convention after all as the name implies it's naughty! One reason we love this convention so much is that it takes place in one of our favorite cities, New Orleans. There are cities in our country that have a soul. New Orleans is the very definition of a city with a soul! The convention starts on Wednesday with a parade down Bourbon Street with a New Orleans Police escort. Just imagine what it feels like marching down Bourbon Street with a brass band and a police car blocking traffic! One of the best things about this event is that it's always fresh. There is always something new. That's important, how many times do you want to do that same old thing? For those who love pool parties there is a clothing optional pool party that goes on 24 hours a day! If you prefer to flash your breasts on Bourbon Street for beads that option is always available. Every afternoon there are private parties in the bars on Bourbon Street. These pictures were taken at one of those parties. These parties set the tone for an evening of dining, sexy dance parties dancing, and then the after party! Just use your imagination and think of the sexiest party on the planet, that's what Naughty in Nawlins is all about! If this looks like fun come join us in New Orleans July 11 -15.