The Island of St Maarten

We were on St. Maarten in November while on a lifestyle clothing optional take over cruise on the second largest ship in the Royal Caribbean Fleet, Freedom of the Seas. Unfortunately Couples Cruising makes you sign an agreement that you won't post or show any pictures from the cruise. It's really too bad. Every night is a different theme night, for example, school girl, rock star, 70's, fetish, and of course Pajama night. The music and entertainment that night is focused on the theme. The entire ship is clothing optional except for obvious places like restaurants, gym, and night club. However, dressing very sexy in something that hides nothing for women is tolerated or should I say encouraged. These cruises are available from all of the travel agencies that specialize in adult travel. It is interesting talking to the crew on the ship. They love these cruises. When you talk to them the first thing they talk about is how nice the people are. I guess that's a good comment but kind of sad at the same time. These are high energy cruises and definitely not for the faint of heart!

Since I can't show pictures from the cruise. I've put together a few pictures mostly from St. Maarten. St. Maarten was the only island that had a nude beach the world famous Orient Beach. We visited the beach. Then we went onto Sunset beach which is famous as it's across the street from the airport runway! Topless women drink for free on Sunset Beach. It was our favorite beach and we plan to visit it again when we return in April on yet another clothing optional take over cruise.

Click here for the video clip of St. Maarten