San Juan Islands

We spent most of August in Washington and Oregon. These are a few pictures from the San Juan Islands. There were some amazing yachts two of which listed Las Vegas as home! We only wish we knew the owners! What a beautiful part of the country. The only problem for us was lack of blue sky!

fridayharbor 003.jpg fridayharbor 007.jpg fridayharbor 008.jpg fridayharbor 010.jpg fridayharbor 013.jpg
fridayharbor 014.jpg fridayharbor 016.jpg fridayharbor 017.jpg fridayharbor 018.jpg fridayharbor 019.jpg
fridayharbor 020.jpg fridayharbor 021.jpg fridayharbor 026.jpg fridayharbor 027.jpg fridayharbor 028.jpg
fridayharbor 029.jpg fridayharbor 030.jpg fridayharbor 031.jpg fridayharbor 033.jpg fridayharbor 034.jpg
fridayharbor 035.jpg fridayharbor 036.jpg fridayharbor 037.jpg fridayharbor 038.jpg fridayharbor 039.jpg

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