San Juan Islands

The last half of the pictures were taken in Newport, Oregon. We were parked on the ocean at Outdoor Resorts as you can see it's a beautiful RV resort just like our Outdoor Resorts here in Las Vegas.

fridayharbor 040.jpg fridayharbor 041.jpg fridayharbor 042.jpg fridayharbor 043.jpg fridayharbor 045.jpg
fridayharbor 047.jpg fridayharbor 049.jpg fridayharbor 050.jpg fridayharbor 051.jpg fridayharbor 052.jpg
fridayharbor 053.jpg fridayharbor 054.jpg fridayharbor 057.jpg newport 001.jpg newport 002.jpg
newport 003.jpg newport 005.jpg newport 006.jpg newport 007.jpg newport 008.jpg
newport 009.jpg newport 010.jpg newport 011.jpg newport 012.jpg newport 013.jpg

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